The once great city of Heigath
For close to an age, Heigath was a busy city, the prized jewel of Arnfel, with its arcane triumvirate controlling most every aspect of its society. There were continuous magical dealings through its marketplace, but the ruling body kept special research to themselves. Arnfel flourished from the many contributions provided by the great city, with trade and open communication bolstered by the prominent embassies of many of the prominent kingdoms and societies. Their astrological studies provided a standardized calendar, and their linguistic studies brought about a common tongue to aid in both politics and commerce. Despite the positive aspects, Heigath’s actions weren’t always favorable. At times through firm-handed means, several items of cultural and historical significance to differing societies across the continent were brought to the embassies as representative pieces of art and curiosity. Also, the cost associated with many common goods changed on the whim of the triumvirate, based on their assessment of the overall economy.
The end of Heigath came close to a century ago when the three rulers attempted to tap into a strange new plane and use the energy they surmised filled it. They were correct in that it held a plentiful source of power, but its intensity ripped through the city in a devastating explosion, severing the plane’s connection in the process. The energy’s wake attracted strange aberrations and created several strange presences which drove off any who tried to stay in their shell of a city.
After a few decades, the bizarre nature of the Heigath ruins began to calm, and certain curious groups attempted to explore the region. However, over the past 35 years, several political figures of varying importance from across the Arnfel continent have disappeared at best or been found dead at worst. While most had been making efforts to reclaim portions of the fallen city of Heigath, others with different motives seemed to turn up under similar victimization.
Within the past few ten-days, a new reclamation effort has been put into place, combining efforts from many people across the continent. This comes on the heels of a startling bit of news: many of the priceless heirlooms that were stolen away to Heigath were not destroyed in the fateful blast like many thought. In this same time frame, the murders and disappearances are rising in occurrence.
There are those from many of Arnfel’s societies who are paying good gold to end these attacks by whatever means possible, and bring these people to light. At this point of tension, whether those who answer the call have any fealty to the cause is moot; the problem must be solved.

Heigath Conspiracy