Humans of Arnfel

There are four major nations of humans in Arnfel. Beyond these major groups of humans, there are several smaller kingdoms spread throughout the continent.


The Mylekeans are a proud, driven and sophisticated people. They trade quite ambitiously with other races, and seek to stay on positive terms with them. They are strongly lawful people, technically driven, and while not shunning magic, very much prefer seeking practical approaches where possible, given the fall of Heigath. The large body of Mylekus reveres Ordana, but to the south, Fharlanghn is frequently paid homage.


The Wigochi Empire are spiritually driven people, but have a very strange interaction within their own region. The caste system in place divides their people into 5 distinct groups under their emperor, each following a respective deity. While each caste works to further the Empire in their own way, these peoples are quite different from each other, and generally stay to their separate walled areas of Wigochi. Their deities are Ahn-tsu, Lao-xi, Ming-ker, Tsin-fu, and Xia-fung.


The region of Quinloa is a vast and varied region of tribal nations that have collectively held their outer borders from the different kingdoms and empires of Arnfel. There are several differing tribes of shamanistic, druidic and totemic worshipers across the land. While each have their own respective views on the world,some even having conflict with one another, all follow the influences of Obad-Hai.


The kingdom of Vraim is going through a bit of political turnover after their civil war ended half a century ago. Many groups trying to have their voices heard are struggling to get representation or control. They tend to hold to the older world conventions, and the advancements offered by Mylekus often fall on deaf ears. Still, they are a strong-willed people and are happy to work through trials their own way. The Vraim have no particular religious ties, making momentary praises and cautionary comments to different deities as they deem appropriate.

Humans of Arnfel

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